Organizational Communication

Individuals worldwide are exploring how to effectively communicate with diverse groups of employees and influence a variety of consumers. Organizational communication majors enhance their understanding of the complex communicative interactions within or outside of any organization. Students in organizational communication can choose to work in public relations, advertising or marketing, or seek careers in human resource management, training and development, or direct non-profit organizations. Because of their strong communication skills, organizational communication students find careers working in a variety of student service positions, coordinating philanthropic activities, directing campaigns, overseeing organizational volunteers, and facilitating a variety of activities in entrepreneurial organizations.

An internship at the end of the major provides the opportunity for students to explore their chosen career field and use their in-depth knowledge of communication processes in a variety of settings. Opportunities for faculty student research and the development of a job-related portfolio give the student the extra employment edge needed in today’s market place.

There are two emphasis areas:

Public Relations and Human Resources. For information regarding these programs contact Dr. Ray Preiss at 796-3164 or

Communication Studies: Organizational Communication (B.S.) degree will be offered jointly between the School of Letters and Sciences and the Dahl School of Business.

For more information regarding Communication Studies contact:
Jared Manske, Admissions Counselor,, 608-796-3016