Mail Preparation

Letter folding and letter folding with envelope insertion is available by requesting the service on the copy form or online copy form.

  • Mark all outgoing letters and packages with department name or budget number.
  • KEEP FLAPS OF UNSEALED ENVELOPES CLOSED. (The new postage meter will open the flap before sealing)
  • Standard (Bulk) Mailings should be sorted in zip code order lowest to highest.
  •  A minimum of 200 identical letters or postcards or 50 pounds of flats are required to qualify for standard (bulk) mailing status. 
  •  All letters and packages should be marked with the department or budget number for chargeback purposes.
  •  Letters should be sorted by In-House, domestic and international destinations before being deposited in the Mail Room.
  • Do not wrap packages with string or in paper. 
  • If you need to wrap packages in paper, you should write the address on the inside box, in case the paper rips.