Student Mail

The Student Mailboxes are located in the Student Union inside Marian Hall, where the Student Union Desk wrkstudy staff distribute the mail to the student mailboxes. Contact the Student Union Desk at 608-796-3065 or Dave Pleasants at 608-796-3913 for student mail questions.

Student mail addressed to the general Viterbo address is sent to the Student Union via In-house mail from the CMMC, but this may delay mail getting to students in a timely manner.

Students who wish have packages of value delivered to the general Viterbo address, should notify the CMMC personnel, so we can notify the student of its arrival, by email or telephone.   

Student Mailing Address:
Student Name
702 Franciscan Way
La Crosse Wisconsin 54601

Students can buy books of stamps from Viterbo bookstore or on at the US post office Students can mail letters or postcards at the blue postage box on the southeast corner of Marian Hall, on Franciscan Way.

Students can mail packages from the CMMC via USPS or UPS. Students who use this service must pay for the postage at the time the package is brought in.

Students can receive and send Fax transmissions from the Fax machine in the CMMC. Click link for more information.