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Determining Full Text Availability



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How do I tell if the full text is available? 

If full text for an article is available online, you will see one of the following links underneath a citation as it appears in your search results:

HTML and PDF Full Text: 


HTML and PDF Fulltext 


What do these different formats of full text mean? 

  • PDF (Portable Document Format): The “PDF Full Text” link opens the full text of an article in the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. Articles in this format are essentially images of what the article looks like in the print form. To open PDF full text documents, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader application on your computer. If the full text does not open, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (it’s free!) from: 
  • HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language): “HTML Full Text” link opens the full text into your browser window as if it were a website.
  • Linked to Full Text: "Linked to Full Text" means that the full text of the article is not in the current database you are searching, but in another EBSCO database for which we have access. For example, you may be searching in ERIC or Academic Search Complete, but the full text is available in Business Source Complete. By clicking "Linked to Full Text" are opening a different EBSCO database so that you can access the full text of a desired article.


There is a link to full text, now what? 

  • HTML Full Text: Click on the blue “HTML Full Text” link and the full text of the article will open in your browser window.
  • PDF Full Text: Click on the blue "PDF Full Text" link and the Adobe Acrobat Reader application will open in your browser. The full text article will display as it appeared when published in print. Note: If Adobe Acrobat Reader does not open, download it (for free!) from: 
  • Linked to Full Text: Click the blue “Linked to Full Text” link. This will take you to the article holding available in another EBSCOhost database (i.e. Academic Search Complete). When a new window opens, one of the following occurs:
    • The article opens with available HTML full text; read on! The citation and abstract appears with a link to PDF full text. Click the "PDF full text" link to open the article.
    • A citation appears with the article title as a blue link. If this happens, click the article title.


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