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Requesting Library Materials: Faculty, staff and students can submit requests for books, journals, CDs, videos or other items they wish to see the library own by contacting their library partner or by emailing with the following information:


  • Personal Information: Last name, first name, campus department, contact information.
  • Item Information: Author, title, year, list price and ISBN or ISSN number.
  • For serials or other annual purchases, please provide a rationale for why the item is needed, including specific research and curricular needs. 

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Library Allocation: Each department has a library allocation which is coordinated by a faculty representative from each department.  Department book and video allocations are given to the department representative each fall.  These funds are to be spent by December 24th each year.  Any funds remaining on February 1 may be spent to purchase lower priority items from any department.

Send all purchase recommendations to your department's library partner. More information on library partners is available on the Partnership Program website.

Journal allocations are managed in a separate budget line.  Faculty wishing to add journal titles to the program should contact their partner to discuss options.  New periodical orders and renewals are processed in September of each year as the majority of our subscriptions run along the calendar year. 

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