Staff Tutoring

Math Tutoring
- Individual or group math tutoring is available for all math courses.
  Fill out a tutoring request/information form in the Academic Resource Center, or download the form here, complete it, and drop it off in the ARC.
  When completing the form, be sure leave ample openings to schedule your tutoring session.
    Tutor Request Form

- To schedule an appointment with the Math Specialist, please use Genbook.


- Drop-In Math Homework Help for SPRING 2014, will be:
     Mondays              9:05-10:00 a.m.             3:35-4:30 p.m.
Tuesdays              9:00-9:55 a.m.               2:00-2:55 p.m.
     Wednesdays         8:00-8:55 a.m.              5:00-5:55 p.m.
     Thursdays          11:00 a.m.
     Fridays                9:05 a.m. 


Writing Assistance
Assistance with writing is available Monday-Friday by appointment using Genbook.

Reading Assistance
Assistance with reading speed and comprehension is available by appointment with the Reading Specialist.   To schedule an appointment, please use Genbook.

Content Tutoring

To receive tutoring in any course offered at Viterbo, please visit the Academic Resource Center to complete a Tutor Request Form.

 Request a Tutor
 Become a Tutor 


Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI tutoring will be available for the following classes for Spring 2014:

BIO 114

BIO 160

BIO 161

CHEM 106

CHEM 121

MATH 113

MATH 221

Tutoring times will be announced in class.


Evaluating a Tutoring Session

Use the appropriate link below to evaluate your tutor.

- Nursing Math Tutoring 

- Math Assistance

 (For office use only)

For more information, contact:
Jane Eddy
Director, Academic Resource Center
Murphy Center Room 332
900 Viterbo Drive
La Crosse, WI 54601
608-796-3190 or 796-3194 

Student Support Services 

Disability Services 

Test Taking Hours 

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Become A Tutor 



During Fall and Spring semesters, to make an appointment with the math specialist, writing specialist, or the academic counselor

  Make an Online Appointment 

Monday–Thursday 7 a.m.–7 p.m.
Friday 7 a.m.–5 p.m.

Phone: 608-796-3190
Room:  Murphy Center, Room 332