Human Resources

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FAQs on Performance Evals

Q: What if my goals are completed through specific software (i.e., TracDat)?
A: Still complete the Part I – Section A: Progress on Goals and include a copy of the printed goals from the software. Complete Part I  – Section C: Action Plan to identifying the upcoming goals. These portions of the evaluation give the employee and the supervisor a place to comment on progress relative to the goals that are being tracked elsewhere.

Q: Does the supervisor or employee need to write comments on the evaluation or is simply assessing the performance through the drop down boxes enough?
Comments, examples, and suggestions are encouraged to help validate and clarify the assessment. Note: Any rating below ”Acceptable” is required to specify behaviors or problems that require attention and improvements needed.

Q: Why are there an employee and a supervisor assessment?
A: Both the employee assessment and the supervisor assessment are designed to create a talking point and assist in self-development. The purpose of the employee self-assessment is to have the employee think about and give serious consideration to how he or she has performed in meeting expectations. Whether the employee agrees or disagrees with the supervisor about performance, the self-assessment will open channels of communication and play an important role in having a successful evaluation process.

Q: Why do I need to sign the evaluation?
A: Signing the evaluation does not constitute your agreement with the evaluation but as a record that you have completed the evaluation process.

Q: What if I do not agree with the evaluation?
A: Major areas of disagreement which were not resolved though the evaluation process should be put in writing, attached to the evaluation, and signed by all parties prior to submitting the final copy to Human Resources.

Q: How do I scan and email the documents?
A:Log in to any billing code you have access to (no charge for scanning). Press "OK" and you will see the main screen. Press the Scanner Button. Press the HREVALS "hot-button." Press the cc: button, and then press "Search Dest" button on top of screen. Press the LDAP button on the top of screen. Press "Name" and type your first name and press "Start Search." Choose your name. Press "OK." (You will then have to redo the cc: step again choosing the employees name.) To enter a subject, look on the bottom of the screen, press "Subject" and then "Text Entry." Press "OK" when finished. Place your documents face up in the document feeder, or face down on the glass. Press Start. Press Enter (Under the 9 Key) when finished. Push the Scanner Button, finally press Logout.