Academic Programs of Study Available

The most important consideration in your decision about whether to apply to Viterbo, is to make sure we have the program of study for which you are interested. In choosing a program of study it is important to recognize the difference between university education in the U.S. and other parts of the world. A few of these differences are listed below. Keep them in mind as you make your choice of program.

  • U.S. university education requires students to take classes, about 25 percent of the required credits, in general subjects outside of your primary area of study.
  • Some fields of study in the U.S. have specific licensing requirements which differ in each state (e.g., education and nursing for example), and may have course requirements that are very specific to practicing the profession in the U.S. or the particular state (e.g., teaching).
  • Some fields of study require significant amounts of further study beyond the bachelor degree and thus large amounts of financial resources (e.g., medicine: 8–12 years total).

Viterbo offers the following major fields of study at the bachelors degree level. We offer a small number of graduate programs, most of which are difficult for international students to access because the primary clientele is working adults who spread their program out over two or three years or longer. Many of the programs operate on a cohort model and there is not sufficient course work offered to accelerate the program or make it full time.

List of majors offered at Viterbo University 


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