Criteria for Screening of Short-term Immersion Course Proposals

The Global Education and Study Abroad committee has developed the following criteria for screening proposals from individuals seeking to offer Short-term Study Abroad Experiences to Viterbo students. The committee has been established to review proposals, and coordinate the number, type, and scheduling of these offerings:

  1. What cross-cultural learning outcomes are addressed in this program? (See Outcomes for Cross-cultural Study)
  2. Does the experience provide an opportunity for person to person contact with individuals from the host culture?
  3. Does the course include background in both specific cultural information (history, language, culture) as well as in skills for learning about culture, and reflecting on ones own reactions to those experiences?
  4. How does the course move beyond a single disciplinary focus to provide a context for understanding that discipline's role in and contribution to the culture as a whole?
  5. How is the course enhanced by having an immersion component?
  6. What experiences or background beyond disciplinary expertise will enhance the course instructor's ability to facilitate this experience?
  7. What is the projected budget for the immersion experience? Does it seem reasonable and financially feasible for Viterbo students given the length of time for the experience.

In addition to using the above criteria for screening proposals, the committee will take into account the following factors in scheduling the number and type of offerings of such courses:

  1. Are we offering courses in a variety of disciplines?
  2. What combination of offerings and how many offerings a year will yield minimal competition among courses, and maximum enrollment for all experiences?