Alumni Weekend 2006

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 The class of '61 enjoys breakfast with former president, Sr. Grace McDonald
 The classmates continue to catch-up:  Joan (Dopheide) Wiederhold, Ann (Hansmier) Kerkenbush, Rose Ann (Mashak) Kazmierczak, Annette (Duren) Scherbert, Sharon (Bauer) Vincent
Jan Eriksen and Deb Randall Anderson give an update to Advance Program alumni at their reunion
Touring the campus
Pearson House
Vicki (Woodward) Lindsay '75, Karen (Pearson) Borchardt '73, Debora Chudd '75, Diane (Foster) Schrabeck '75, Sue (Sagehorn) Upena '75, Jane (Schaefer) Brader '75
 Vicki (Woodward) Lindsay '75, Debora Chudd '75, Diane (Foster) Schrabeck '75, Jane (Schaefer) Brader '75, Peggy (Maloney) Berg '75
McDonald House
Bill Schaefer, Jeff Vodak, John Hilden, Jeff Kockler, John Borchardt
 Schoonover House
Dave Schoonover, John Lake, Joe (Gauss) Paulauski
Mary (Culver) Read '74
 Greg Lind and Dave Schoonover at the banquet
 Festing at the picnic
 Alumni friends
 Outstanding alumni award recipients Mary Dudley, Greg Lind, and Patti Severson
 Mary Morgan and Gary Klein on a serious topic?
 Outgoing alumni association president Diane Osterhaus Neefe greets alumni at the banquet
 Bob Sauer couldn't physically attend, but made sure he wouldn't be missed!
 Wendy (Young) Storandt awards fellow nursing classmate Mary
 Mary Petrowitz, Becki(Granum) Weber, Dave Schoonover, and Bill Schaefer at the picnic
 Touring the Reinhart Center

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