Ethics in Leadership

2009 Radio Series

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July 14
Jeff Hastings: Hook, Line, and Sinker
What do trout streams have to do with our approach to environmental ethics?

July 21
Jessica Larson: Invasive Species
A look at protecting our native environment from aggressive predators.

July 28
Shanna Berg: My Life as an Organic Farmer

She talks about her changing lifestyle as an organic egg farmer.

Aug. 4
Theresa Marquez: Food for Thought

Why we should care about the food we eat and the people who produce it.

Aug, 11
Curt Meine: The Earth and its Goodness

Exploring the philosophy of Aldo Leopold and the land ethic.

Aug. 18
Mark Fenton: America’s Walking

Champion walker speaks of walking to a better life.

Aug. 25
Linda Larson: Live it Up

A nurse talks about our lifestyles; how to live better and why it matters to communities.

Sept. 1
Rick Kyte: No Easy Answers

An ethicist challenges our thinking.

Sept. 8
Chris Hardie: What’s New in the News Business
An editor talks about his changing profession and the ethical challenges that go with it.

Sept 15
Dr. Joe Caron: A Physician Talks About the Profession He Loves
A family physician talks about the profession he loves.

Sept. 22
Eric Wheeler: What Makes You Tick?

Why do we think and act the way we do?

Randall Eaton: Hunting as a Right of Passage

A fascinating conversation on animal behavior, wildlife conservation, human evolution, and the ethics of hunting.

April 7
Elizabeth Hiday: Identity Theft and Me
Why I did what I did.

April 14
Joan Stein: Who’s the Victim?
A prosecutor talks about economic crime and how we are affected by this faceless crime.

April 21
Nick Smith: Life in Congress

A retired legislator tells his story.

April 28
Peter Blum and Steven Tatue: Changing Lives by Taking the Challenge
A teen and his mentor talk about growing up, growing strong.

May 5
Margarita Olivas: Diversity…Right Here in the Neighborhood?

A look at welcoming the strangers in our midst.

Peter Razor: While the Locust Slept

Growing up Indian in the 30s, he suffered injustice and cruelty. Telling his story so that history will not repeat itself.

May 19
Herb Heili: A New Lease on Life

A heart transplant can change how you view life.

May 26
Bill Leonard: Hard Times
What’s it like to be unemployed during these challenging times?

June 2
Dave Villeneuve: Beyond Profits and the Bottom Line
Let’s discuss the topic of business ethics.

June 9
Charity Eleson: Everyone Loves Children, Right?
She is an advocate on behalf of our most vulnerable children, women, and families.

June 16
Dempsey Miller III: Working with At-risk Youth
He reaches out to some of our toughest youth, on their turf.

June 23
Maomoua Vue: A Stranger No More
She makes sure language is no barrier to healthy living.

June 30
Bruce Simones: The Corner Bar

What does it mean to run a responsible tavern?

July 7
Sister Lucy Slinger: Earth Spirituality and Our Environment
Putting science and religion together for the sake of our planet.