Ethics in Leadership

Annual Ethics Across the Disciplines Conference
Viterbo University
La Crosse, Wisconsin


Caring for the Earth and its Inhabitants

A Joint Conference of 
Midwest Region Society of Christian Philosophers
Ethics Across the Disciplines 

April 1-3, 2004

THURSDAY, APRIL 1 Fine Arts Center
7:30-9 pm Keynote Lecture: Terry Tempest Williams
"Ground Truthing"
Main Theatre
9-10 pm Reception
FRIDAY, APRIL 2 Reinhart Center
7:30 am Registration/Continental Breakfast
8 am Welcome - R127
8:15-9:30 am Session Ia - R127
"Theology of Ecology: Creation, Stewardship, and Cosmic Redemption"
Aurelie Hagstrom, Providence College
"To Whom Much Has Been Given: A Biblical Perspective on the Responsibilities of Human Beings as Environmental Stewards"
Christopher Stone, University of Utah

Session Ib - R107
"Can Rorty Help Develop a Utilitarianism Plausible for Christian Philosophers?"
Andrew Gustafson, Bethel College
"John Martin Fischer on the Proper Role of Frankfurt Cases"
David Werther, University of Wisconsin-Madison

9:45-11 am Session IIa - R127
"Stewardship, the Self, and Bioethics"
Eric Kraemer, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
"Beyond an Ecological Context: A Theological Framework for the Principle of Stewardship as it Relates to Health and Health Care"
Mark Repenshek, Columbia St. Mary’s Health System

Session IIb - R107
"The Voice of the Holy Tree: Ecotheology and 'The Dream of the Rood'"
Susan Carpenter Sims, New Mexico Highlands University
"This is My Return: Terry Tempest Williams’ Call for a Mormon Land Ethic in Refuge"
Grant T. Smith, Viterbo University

Session IIc - R130
"The Unsettling of Rationality"
David Booman, Viterbo University
"Rethinking Vegetarianism"
Jon Jensen, Luther College

11:15 am-12:30 pm Session IIIa - R127
"Boulders, Native Prairie, and a Theistic Stewardship Ethic"
Bruce R. Reichenbach, Augsburg College
"Understanding the Ethics of Land and Community Stewardship in a Rural College Town"
Edward C. Lorenz, Alma College

Session IIIb - R107
"Exclusive, Inclusive, and Rawlsian Public Reason"
Tony Smith, Luther College
"Trinitarian Stewardship and the Limits of Capitalism and Socialism"
Eric Manchester, Viterbo University

Session IIIc - R130
"Teaching Environmental Philosophy: Experiential and Holistic Practices
Paula Hirschboeck, Edgewood College

12:30-1:30 pm Lunch - Reinhart Center Commons Area - Garden Level
1:45-2:45 pm Session IV - R127
"Sabbath Environmentalism"
Norman Wirzba, Georgetown College
3-4:15 pm Session Va - R127
"'Thou Art Dust, to Dust You Shall Return': The Importance of the Soul/Body Debate for Stewardship"
Jennifer Hockenbery, Mount Mary College
"Is a Metaphysics of Human Nature Relevant to the Issue of Environmental Stewardship?"
Kevin Corcoran, Calvin College

Session Vb - R130
"The Grammar of Stewardship"
Peter W. Bakken, Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies
"Toward a Framework for Viable Versions of the Stewardship Model of Environmental Ethics"
Fred Simmons, Yale University

6 pm Banquet - R107
Reservations Required
7:30-9 pm Keynote Lecture: Calvin DeWitt, Au Sable Institute and University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Stewardship Dynamics: Human-Earth Interplay toward Sustainability"
Fine Arts Center Main Theatre
9 pm Reception
SATURDAY, APRIL 3 Reinhart Center
8:15-8:45 am Ecumenical Worship Service - R107
9-10:15 am Session VIa - R127
"Amoral Gods"
Sandra Menssen, University of St. Thomas
"Why Only a Humean Should Believe in Miracles"
Charles M. Hermes, Florida State University

Session VIb - R107
"The Good Earth: A Comparative Study of Judeo-Christian and Hindu Traditions"
Darian C. De Bolt, University of Central Oklahoma
"Sacred Matter"
Bernice Marie-Daly, Fairfield University

Session VIc - R130
"Stewardship and Wilderness"
Justin McBrayer, University of Missouri-Columbia
"The Viability of 'Stewardship' for a Distinctively Christian Ecology"
Christopher Vena, Marquette University

10:30-11:45 am Session VIIa - R127
"What Knowledge is Required for Responsible Stewardship of Creation?"
David K. Foster, Messiah College
"The European Union’s Environmental Policy"
Keith Knutson, Viterbo University

Session VIIb - R107
"Franciscan Intellectual Tradition: The Environment and Ecofeminism"
Phil Hoebing, O.F.M., Quincy University
"Stewardship, Hierarchy, and Servant Leadership"
Carl Koch, Viterbo University

Session VIIc - R130
"Hick the Inclusivist: Religious Pluralism as Unstable Middle Ground"
James F. Sennett, Lincoln Christian College and Seminary
"Ritschl’s Case for the Rationality of Theistic Belief"
John Kronen, University of St. Thomas

12-1 pm Lunch Break
1-2:15 pm Session VIIIa - R127
"Virtual Reality Actions and Moral Responsibility"
Jay Milbrant, Bethel College
Andrew Gustafson, Bethel College
"Iris Murdoch and ‘Devilish’ Metaphysics: A Guide to Morals?"
Scott Moore, Baylor University

Session VIIIb - R107
"Students and Stewardship: A Conflict of Worldviews"
Robert Keys, Cornerstone University
"Oikos Logos: The Knowledge of Home as a Theological Foundation in Teaching Environmental Spirituality"
Earl Madary, Viterbo University

2:30-3:30 pm Session IX
"Who Do We Need to Be?: Ecological Virtues and Care of the Earth"
Stephen Bouma-Prediger, Hope College

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Sponsored by the D. B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership and the Midwest Region Society of Christian Philosophers