Environmental Responsibility Committee

Environmental Responsibility Committee

Mason Bee House or Bird House?


Look at what was built on top of the Mason Bee house we hung in front of the Viterbo Athletic Center.



Since January 2018, the Copy and Mail Center has collected Junk Mail items and proceeded to contact the vendor, stop subscription, and record it for tracking.
As of May 24, 2018, 152 lbs and 1238 pieces of Junk Mail has been completed, to clean up unwanted junk mail items for employees and students.
This goal to clean up the junk mail items for employees and students comes from the Environmental Responsibilities Committee.

MPOWER Site Visit - USGS - U. S. Geological Service Center

The USGS conducts reseach on fish and wildlife, to find cures for infectious diseases.

Registration is open for the the Sustainability in Education conference hosted by Western, UW-L and Winona State.


Spirit of St. Francis Sustainability Celebration April 17, 2018

Spirit of St. Francis Sustainability Awards Presentations at 11:30 a.m. in Reinhart Center 107.

Following the award ceremony, La Crosse County Sustainable La Crosse Commission Mike Geise will speak about what La Crosse has done and is doing to reduce our carbon footprint.

Farmers Market from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. in the Reinhart Center lobby.


Tree planting

Junk Mail Audit

The Environmental Responsibilities Committee started a Junk Mail Audit in January 2018.  All items that arrive for employees who are no longer at Viterbo go into a box. Student workers in the Copy and Mail Center contact the vendors to stop the subscription, as their time allows.  We would like to expand this project to include junk mail that is sent to current employees.

We need your help!

If you have any items you no longer wish to receive, you can put them into the designated box in the Copy and Mail Center, or one of the locations listed below.  We will then contact those vendors and ask them to stop sending that particular piece of junk mail. A spreadsheet was created to input the vendors contacted for each employee mail piece, so we can determine how many we have stopped by the end of the year. We will also weigh all of the junk mail at the end of the year and compare it to future years so that we can evaluate the effectiveness of this project.

What is junk mail?  Any piece of mail that you did not solicit and has no value to you.  Ultimately you decide if a particular piece of mail is junk.

Junk mail drop-off locations:

Reinhart Center, Copy Center room 022
Brophy Center, copier room 114
Mathy Center, front desk area
Nursing Center, copier room 105
Fine Arts Center, copier room 120
Physical Plant, lobby
Student Development Center, copy room
Murphy Center, copy rooms 317 and 508 and lobby

If you are a student or student group with a passion to promote environmental sustainability and would like to help by contacting vendors to stop subscriptions or other related activities as part of the audit, please contact Karen Hurtgen at 796-3055 or kghurtgen@viterbo.edu. If you are looking for an interesting project as an undergraduate research study, contact Ted Wilson at 3656 or tawilson@viterbo.edu . 


XCel energy power plant tour

April 5, 2018 members of Viterbo toured the Xcel Energy Power Plant on French Island.

Introduction movie

Garbage is collected

Once it is sorted and chopped up it is feed into the burners.


The garbage is monitored continuously from collection to sorting to chopping up into burnalbe pieces.


3rd Annul Spirit of Saint Francis Sustainability Award

Nominations Due March 30, 2018, for the 3rd Annul Spirit of Saint Francis Sustainability Award.


Two awards: Student or group and faculty, staff, administrator, or group will be recognized.


* Academic research that assess how we impact the environment through our lifestyles.

* Promoting sustainability through projects, programs, innovative solutions or studies.

* Leadership in a project that has made a significant contribution to environmental sustainability and/or social equity.

* Collaborations and connections within and around the Viterbo community to promote sustainable change.

* Student involvement in sustainable research, events, and projects.



Kevin Bergquist, Bee Keeper

Kevin Bergquist, Bee Keeper

Ted Wilson, Biology



Join the Student Sustainability Club and the Environmental Responsibilities Committee for this movie and speaker event on February 28, 2018, from 7-9pm in Nursing Center room 196.
Kevin Bergquist, Bee Keeper and Ted Wilson, Biology Professor will speak aboout their experience raising Honey Bees and nurturing Mason Bees.

Snacks will be provided.


The ERC presented our poster at the M-Power Business Champions Showcase January 9, 2018.

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 ERC members toured the Passive House, built by Western Technicial College. Passive Houses are highly insulated, airtight, cold bridge free structures with triple glazing and HRV that require minimal heating.

The window below show the 21 inch thick wall, filled with installation and autoamtic blinds within the window frame.


On Wednesday October25, 2017, a group of Viterbo Employees toured Gunderson Health System - La Crosse, Biomass heat and power plant. 






Franny fest 2017 - farmers market


PDF icon37465641386_9b853083ba_z_oct_4_2017.pdf

Healthy Living week - eat local farmers market - september 27, 2017


Healthy living week - recycling day - september 26, 2017


Used Dental Supplies, Paper, Plastic, and Styrofoam were collected and recycled to regional businesses.


FSPA to host Stargazing and Hike Saturday


Are you looking for a great family experience that gives you the unique opportunity to visit the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Villa? Mississippi Valley Conservancy, in partnership with the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and the La Crosse Area Astronomical Society are offering the annual stargazing hike at the Villa at St. Joseph’s Ridge from 4:30–9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23. The Viterbo University Hospitality Committee is promoting this event for Viterbo employees and families as an opportunity to connect with our founders, the FSPA.



PDF iconerc-sustainability_club_event_poster.pdf

Farmers Market September 27, 2017 along Franciscan Way

Farmers Market October 4, 2017 along Franciscan Way

Movie Event March 3018 - Keep the Bees Alive

Spirit of St Francis Sustainability Award nomination due March 2018

Spirit of St Francis Sustainability Award Ceremony April 2018

Viterbo Recycles:

August 2017: The Physical Plant department donated six electric stoves, four sinks and a twin bed frame to Habitat Restore.


MPower Session #6 - You are what you eat

The MPower group met at the YMCA on July 19, 2017.
We started out the session with an overview of the Food Forest located in front of the Y on West Avenue, then we toured the Food Forest. Jarad from Coulee Region Ecoscapes, who designed and created the Food Forest, led the tour and was very informative. Attached are pictures of the Food Forest.

Recycling Day At VU

July 2017: Viterbo purchased 50 new mattresses and recycled our old mattresses with a local vendor.

Physical Plant replaced classroom furniture in 6 classrooms and the old furniture was donated to the La Crosse School District.

Physical Plant is also in the process of installing 1,500 LED lights throughout campus.



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