Emergency Response Plan

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Missing Student

  1. If you are aware of an abduction, call 911 immediately.
    1. Be prepared to provide police with number, description, demands and instructions of abductor; name(s) of person(s) abducted.
    2. If a vehicle is involved, attempt to obtain license plate number, make, model, direction of travel, etc.
  2. Call Campus Safety with information on abduction or missing student at 3911 if using a Viterbo phone; 608-796-3911 or 608-780-1582 if using a non-Viterbo phone.
  3. If you are abducted, follow the instructions of the ­abductor. Remain calm. Treat the abductor with ­respect. Ask permission to speak, do not argue or make ­suggestions.
  4. Viterbo will notify law enforcement and emergency contact if a student living on campus has been missing for 24 hours.
  5. Viterbo will notify custodial parent or legal guardian if a student under the age of 18 and living on campus has been missing for 24 hours.