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Adhere to Viterbo University's Web Style Guide when posting content to the website.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get access to edit the website?
Contact Deb Kappmeyer at 608-796-3048 or email to schedule a training.


Can we implement URLs that didn’t include “.aspx?id=###”?
Yes, if you would like to request an alias, contact Deb Kappmeyer at 608-796-3048 or email


Why does the VU athletics page, Fine Arts Center, Ethics, and Viterbo is Nursing have a distinctly different appearance and format from every other campus site?
Athletic branding is unique. The site is hosted offsite and is connected to NAIA and MCC, so that scores, stats, etc. are shared among various institutions. The Fine Arts Center and Ethics Institute have a different look because they have programs and events aimed at external audiences. Academic departments and administration all use consistent templates. “Viterbo is Nursing” is a temporary fundraising web page.


Useful Information

  • Syllabi and other teaching materials that are meant for students in a particular class should be put on Moodle. 
  • Faculty profile pages are hosted on the Viterbo website and should be maintained by the office of Communication and Marketing.


Previous Changes 

The last Content Management System Upgrade was on March 7, 2011.