The following 2010-2011 Mission Seminar sections have been approved for co-counting in the 2010 catalog.  

Course & Section  





VUSM100.001      Fall, 2010 Sustainability in the Context of Science and Spirituality  Glena Temple, Sr. Lucy Slinger E overlay
VUSM100.002 Fall, 2010 Music and More Mary Ellen Haupert G5, Fine Arts
VUSM100.003 Fall, 2010 

Francis and the Feminine

Emily Dykman, Sr. Laura Nettles

G2, Religious Studies     

VUSM100.004 Fall, 2010 Relational Journeys Deb Murray, Barb Gayle G8, Social Science
VUSM100.007      Fall, 2010      The Journey Jane Eddy G8, Social Science
VUSM100.010      Fall, 2010 Friends, Fun, Faith, and Francis Thomas Thibodeau G2, Religious Studies
VUSM300.001 Fall, 2010  Ethical Reasoning and Moral Wisdom Jason Howard G3, Philosophy
VUSM400 Fall, 2010 Religious Diversity & Leadership  Bill Reese D overlay
G2, Religious Studies
Spring, 2011 Franciscan Values and the Gospel Michael Lopez-Kaley G2, Religious Studies
VUSM100.007 Spring, 2011 Franciscan Sustainability Praxis   Glena Temple, Sr. Lucy Slinger G7, Natural Science
E overlay





VUSM300.001 Summer, 2011
The Ethical Life across Time and Cultures 
Larry Harwood G3, Philosophy

VUSM300.002 Summer, 2011      The Ethical Life across Time and Cultures Matthew Bersagel Braley G3, Philosophy
VUSM400.003-005 Summer, 2011 Religious Diversity & Leadership   Jan Wellik, William Reese G2, Religious Studies
VUSM400.001-008 Spring, 2011

Religious Diversity & Leadership

Michael Lopez-Kaley, Wendy Mitch, Corey Rajek, Sr. Lucy Slinger, Jan Wellik, William Reese
D overlay
G2, Religious Studies