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 Component A:   Foundations (1-10 credits, depending on entering skills) 
 Written Communication rubric A typical student with median or higher achiever based on ACT as a starting point will take a one-semester four-credit comp course approved by the GE committee–two 3-credit courses (103/104) will still be an option for those who do not meet the criteria—and a writing-intensive course  in the sophomore year that might also meet requirements within the major.

Literacy rubric
A typical student will take one 3-credit math course, though the competency may satisfied by a math course, high enough entry scores, or applied math course(s) in the student’s major – as approved by the GE committee.

 Information Literacy rubric   For a typical student, this skill will be part of the composition course taken at Viterbo; students who do not complete the traditional composition course will complete a 1-credit module.

Oral Communication rubric   A typical student would meet this competency with a one-credit addition to a course within their major, or an existing course in their major; however, other courses such as Intro to Speech or other approved course could satisfy this skill.