My SSP Online Mental Health Support

What is My SSP?

My SSP (My Student Support Program) is a confidential online counseling service offering mental health support for all undergraduate students and all (undergraduate and graduate) international students at Viterbo University via text, phone, or video. My SSP is available throughout North America and some locations around the world, and in multiple languages. My SSP is totally free-of-cost to undergraduate students and international students.

How to Access My SSP

  • Call 1-866-743-7732 (or 001.416.380.6578 outside North America) anytime...
  • OR download the My SSP app in the App Store or Play Store: the app contains access to text counseling and video counseling, and also other wellness support resources.
  • OR access the  web-based format HERE!

How to Set-Up and Utilize My SSP app on your phone

1. On your phone, search for and download the app "My SSP"

2. Create a user profile. When asked what school you are affiliated with type in Viterbo University. If you identify as an international student you will select: Viterbo University-International Student. If you identify as an undergraduate student from the United States you will select: Viterbo University Student. Both options allow students to choose a language preference. 

3. Go to the "Newsfeed" icon and students will find live updates from the Viterbo University Twitter account. Students will also find 2 icons in the top right corner.  One is a phone, which will allow students to call to speak to a mental health professional; and the other is a chat icon, which will allow students to text with a mental health professional. Both the phone and text option is available to undergraduate students and international students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. When you text or talk to a mental health professional you will be able to receive assistance in the moment. The mental health professional will then share local resources with you. You can also be connected with the Viterbo Counseling Services Office for follow up and on-going counseling.

5. Go to the "Explore" icon and students will find updates resources to wellbeing articles are resources included but not limited to virtual fitness and mental health awareness

6. Go to the "Assessment" icon and students will find self-guided assessments to assess their own mental health. All assessments are anonymous. 


What My SSP Provides:

  • Access to wellbeing resources/articles.
  • Access to self-assessments on a variety of mental health issues.
  • The chance to explore virtual fitness sessions.
  • Access to 24/7 support via chat (text) and telephone.
  • Access to scheduled support via telephone or video.
  • The ability to match with a professional counselor (multilingual support available).