Account Management Software

Viterbo University installed Equitrac Office, an Account Management Software, on all Academic and Administrative copiers to monitor all copy and print activity, by device, account, network user, date, time and transaction type.

Equitrac Office consists of many different tracking and monitoring combinations. Viterbo University uses Equitrac Office - Client Billing  on the Academic and Administrative copiers. 

Equitrac Office - Client Billing

The Equitrac Office - Client Billing Software consists of a server component installed on the accounting server and client software installed on each workstation, which prompts users to login and assign a billing code to every copy or print session at each copier. More detailed tracking is possible with the Client Billing Software. 

To make copies, Viterbo employees login using their User ID Code and Billing Code on the control panel of any digital Departmental Copier.

A User ID Code is a unique number assigned to all users.

The Billing Code specifies different departmental accounts.

All users have been assigned User ID Codes that have access to their specific departmental Billing Codes, so the users can chargeback copies to the appropriate accounts.

Equitrac Office - Pay Station

Equitrac Office - Pay Station Terminals are used on all Public copiers. Pay Station Terminals are devices that allow access to the Public Copiers when a Debit Card is inserted into the device. Pay Station Terminals will inform the user how much money is left on the Debit Card before a copy is made, and will deduct $.10 for each copy, showing the new balance after each copy is made.

The user can eject the Debit Card after the last copy is made or The Debit Card will be ejected automatically if it runs out of money.

Equitrac Vending Station

The Equitrac Office -Vending Station dispenses and revalues Debits Cards used on all Public Copiers.

Customers purchase a Card from the Vending Station, located in the Todd Wehr Library, for $1.00. After the Card is dispensed, the Card has to be inserted back into the Vending Station, so a monetary value can be deposited onto the Card creating a Debit Card.

Debit Cards can be revalued several times at the Vending Station.