Department Copiers

Employees can make copies at any of the Department Copiers listed below, buy only the underlined copiers are in public locations.

Department Copier Locations:

ACADEMIC VICE PRESIDENT - Murphy Center room 230
ADMISSIONS OFFICE -Reinhart Center room 113
ADULT LEARNING - Fine Arts Center room 115
ATHLETICS OFFICE - Varsity Athletic Center
BUSINESS OFFICE - Murphy Center room 215
COPY CENTER - Reinhart Center room 017
DEPARTMENT COPIER - Murphy Center room 317
DEPARTMENT COPIER - Murphy Center room 515
LEARNING CENTER -  Murphy Center room 332
LIBRARY - Todd Wehr Library Murphy Center
MAINTENANCE OFFICE - Physical Plant Building
OFFICE of the PRESIDENT - Reinhart Center room 103
REGISTRAR OFFICE - Murphy Center room 204
RESIDENCE OFFICE - Marian Hall South room 2
SCHOOL of EDUCATION - Murphy Center room 401
SCHOOL of FINE ARTS - Fine Arts Center room 121
SCHOOL of NURSING - Brophy Nursing Center room 118
STUDENT LIFE CENTER - 936 Franciscan Way