On-Campus Publicity

General Publicity Guidelines

  • Publicity must be for activities or events open to the campus community or of an educational or informational benefit to students and/or staff.
  • The content of all items must be in good taste.
  • All publicity must include the name of the sponsoring individual or organization.
  • Commercial, for-profit, and political campaign items are not allowed.
  • On-campus advertisements that indicate alcohol as the primary focus of an event are not permitted.
  • Advertising tobacco products is not permitted.  
  • Viterbo University reserves the right to remove, restrict, limit, or deny posting or distribution.

The Viterbo University bulletin boards are designated specifically for general announcements. All items not in compliance with the following guidelines will be removed and recycled.

Posting Guidelines

  • All posters must be approved and stamped by the Office of Communications (Reinhart Center room 007).
  • For posting in all academic buildings, 12 posters should be dropped off or sent through campus mail to the Office of Communications. For posting in student housing, send 22 posters to the Office of Student Life.
  • Posters should be no larger than 8.5”x 11” and must include the sponsoring club/organization and the pertinent event information. Check posters for accuracy in date, time, location, etc. and spelling.
  • Posting is done twice per week, generally Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so plan accordingly.
  • Classified ads will only be posted on the board located next to the library. Off-campus events are posted on the board located next to the library and on the board in the Reinhart Center commons.
  • Items are not be taped to walls, doors, or windows or posted in bathrooms or elevators. The use of tape, paste, or tacks on woodwork, walls, or ceilings is not permitted. Items may not be pinned to or hung from ceiling tiles.
  • Damage to walls, windows, doors, and the like that result from unauthorized posting or distribution will be charged to the group or individual who posted the information.


Campus Monitors

Digital monitors are installed across campus for the purpose of promoting campus activities and events.

Monitor slides can be submitted to communication@viterbo.edu. Use "Monitor Slide" in the subject line of the email. Include the timeframe that you would like the slide to run.

Monitor slide guidelines

  • Slides should be created in a widescreen format to fit the widescreen monitors on campus. In PowerPoint, click on the “Design” tab. On the “Slide Size” dropdown, choose “Page Setup." Select "Custom" from the dropdown menu. Set the width to 26.625 inches and the height to 12.25 inches and create your slide. In Photoshop, create a 1916 pixel x 880 pixel image.
  • Slide should be saved/exported as a .jpeg file.
  • Be sure to include date, time, and location, if you are promoting an event.
  • Include a call-to-action, on your slide, if applicable (e.g., join us, register, visit a website, etc.)
  • Keep the information clear and concise. Each slide is up for about 10–15 seconds, so it needs to be read and understood quickly.
Connections Newsletter

Connections is Viterbo University’s employee newsletter, which is emailed to employees twice a month. 

Submission guidelines

VU Today

VU Today is the official daily news and events postings for Viterbo employees and students.

VU Today submission guidelines

  • Email communication@viterbo.edu using subject line “VU Today” to have your event added to the VU Today all-campus email that goes out every weekday.
  • Include in a clear and concise manner, event name, date, start and end time, location, and sponsor. The clearer your original submission, the more likely your message will be translated accurately.
  •  The information needs to be received by 7:30 a.m. the day of publication for it to appear in VU Today. Once VU Today has been sent for the day, it will not be resent.
  • Event information will usually be run twice—one preview announcement and one the day of the event.
Online Campus Calendar

Calendar submission guidelines

  • Email communication@viterbo.edu using subject line “Calendar Event” to have your event added to the online campus calendar.
  • Include the date, start and end time, event name, location, and sponsor.
  • Fundraising activities cannot be added to the event calendar.
Sidewalk Chalk
  • Sidewalk chalking is allowed on all sidewalks throughout campus. Not on any buildings and/or walls.
  • Messages must comply with the General Publicity Guidelines.
  • Limit the number of locations and limit the size of the messages to one sidewalk square.
  • Include only pertinent information and check for spelling accuracy.
Bathroom Stalls
  • Posting in bathroom stalls and walls is limited to information distributed by the Office of Health Services. All other postings will be removed and recycled.