Urban Plunge Service Trip Application (Jan. '18 - Milwaukee)

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Urban Plunge (Milwaukee, WI) Service Immersion Program

What is an Urban Plunge?

Casa Romero’s Urban Plunge experiences develop cultural sensitivity and awareness of urban issues through input, reflection, prayer, service projects, and agency visits. Customized to focus on the social justice themes your group wishes to explore, the Urban Plunge program immerses participants into aspects of urban reality while encouraging a commitment to building a more just world.

Why an Urban Plunge?

  • Foster a sense of responsibility for building a more just world
  • Raise awareness of aspects of urban reality
  • Provide participants with life experiences outside of their comfort zone
  • Encourage youth and adults to identify areas of pre-judgment and their personal response to unjust social realities
  • Expose participants to the value of theological reflection on experiences
  • Encourage a greater sense of trust, mutual respect, and awareness of the inherent value that can be found in “the other”
  • Discover and appreciate a sense of kinship with people who differ from us

Urban Plunge focus areas:

  • Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers: Groups examine more critically two issues those living in poverty are forced to face: homelessness and hunger. Groups reflect on the poverty rates of different demographics of people in an urban population and examine cultural stereotypes associated with living in poverty.  Groups also make and serve meals and/or eat with homeless people.

  • Seeing Christ in the Migrant: Groups critically examine the obstacles undocumented immigrants face. Groups reflect on common misconceptions regarding immigration. Groups understand the Catholic Social Teaching principle of human dignity as it relates to just treatment of all individuals, regardless of their immigrant status.

    • Immigration as a family issue
    • Immigration & pathways to education
    • Immigration & health care
    • Immigration & the emotional and psychological care of the undocumented
    • Immigration & deportation
    • Immigration & worker’s rights

Racism in the U. S., Milwaukee, and in Our Hearts:Groups look beneath the surface at various facets of racism.

  • What is it?Prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, and oppression.
  • History of Milwaukee from Native Americans to the latest immigrants
  • Segregation and Inequality
  • Power and Privilege
  • Multiple Levels of Racism—individual, institutional, structural
  • Unlearning Racism—Tools for Action

Care for God’s Creation: Groups understand how our faith calls us to be stewards of the earth and care for creation. Groups are educated on issues such as food justice, climate change, and water conservation. Groups will discuss and brainstorm the many ways they can contribute to beautifying their local neighborhoods, as well as the ways that small changes can have a large impact.

  • Clean-up & climate change; river clean up; habitat restoration
  • Food justice
  • Papal encyclical—Laudato Si (Care for Our Common Home)

Behind Closed Doors: Domestic violence is an unbiased pandemic which is prevalent all over the world. Groups engage in discussion about the commonalities and differences in domestic violence across various cultures.

  • Domestic violence
  • Trafficking (labor and sex)

**All activities will be arranged based on group’s top areas of interest, and are subject to change based on service site schedules.

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Trip Details:

  • Departure - The group will be leaving Viterbo University the morning of Sunday, January 7, 2018.
  • Return - The group will leave Milwaukee the afternoon of Friday, January 12, 2018 and be back to Viterbo in the evening. (Times TBD)
  • COST: $50 Deposit Required -  (*Thanks to SGA, this trip is greatly subsidizied, but Campus Ministry recognizes that it may still be difficult to pay, please speak with Emilio Alvarez, Director of Campus Ministry to inquire about scholarships.) 



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Deadline to Apply: As soon as possible!

Contact Emilio Alvarez at ebalvarez@vitebo.edu for any questions or concerns.


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