Resume Requirements

Resumé is to be uploaded as a word document to the Professional Nursing Sequence Application for Admission for the BSN Program by the appropriate deadline.


Students will be scored based on resumé format, content and organization.

  1. Format: maximum of 2 pages using 12  pt. Times New Roman font and 1” margins. Resumé should be organized in a professional manner with name and contact information at the top. Use the categories below as the body of the resumé and include dates of the experience in month/year format. 
  2. Give each of the following categories a header:
    • Health Care Experience: Include volunteer or paid work in a health care setting or any activity in a caregiver role (including care of a family member), which is personal or professional. (Include dates.)
    • Other Work Experience: Include role and job responsibilities. (Include dates.)
    • Community Service: Include active participation in a group/community, such as a student organization, neighborhood club, church, etc. (Include dates.)
    • Leadership Experience: Include leadership situations where you have taken the lead, been in charge of a particular effort, and/or have trained individuals or groups. (Include dates.)
    • Cultural Experience: Include any cultural life experiences/activities in which you have been involved.  For example; interpreter services, campus diversity workshops/events, campus clubs, lived experience, mission trips, and travel abroad. Focus on the intentionality of the cultural experience and how immersed you were in the cultural experience.  (Includes dates.) Also include:
      • Non-English Language Proficiencies: For each language listed, indicate the level of your speaking ability, writing ability, reading ability: native, fluent, basic, very basic.