In a unique collaboration, Viterbo University and Western Technical College offer the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees. These two-year general education programs are a gateway to a bachelor degree. Graduates of this 2-year program go on to earn a bachelor’s degrees with numerous majors to choose from. 

You may be wondering if the time and money required to earn a college education is worth it.  The answer is, YES!  The average college graduate earns $399 more per week than the average high school graduate, that results in an increase of over $20,000 per year!  Not only will you earn more money as a college graduate, you will also be more employable.  The average unemployment rate for a college graduate is 5.2 compared to 9.7 for high school graduates. 

College Pays! 

Why choose Viterbo? 

Our Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree programs:

  • Allow students to complete general education coursework in as little as two years
  • Feature a blended tuition rate and financial aid opportunities
  • Are flexible, with classes available days, evenings and online
  • Feature classes Viterbo, Western, or at various Western Regional Centers