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Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis

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Volume 30 (2010)



COVER             WELCOME


Learning Assessment: Hyperbolic Doubts versus Deflated Critiques
Andrew N. Carpenter and Craig Bach (1-11)

Confessions of a Departmental Chair on Assessment
Wendy C. Turgeon (12-19)

The Effects of Assessment: A Reflection from within the Economic Worldview in Education 
Olivier Michaud (20-30)

Improving Academic Quality through Outcomes Assessment and Active Learning Strategies- A Model for Effective Institutional Change
Theresa R. Moore and Mary C. Hassinger (31-38)

Assessment Standards: Recentering and Decentering Higher Education
Michael Wodzak (39-47)


Developing Communities of Inquiry in the UK: Retrospect and Prospect
Patrick J.M. Costello (1-20)

Developing Communities of Inquiry in the USA: Retrospect and Prospect
Richard Morehouse (21-31)