We have a generous transfer credit policy!  

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In addition to transfer credits, are there other ways to earn academic credit?  YES!

You may be eligible to earn Credit for Prior Learning... 

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is a process where you demonstrate your knowledge by developing a portfolio.  Your knowledge may have been gained by attending workshops or seminars, self-study, non-credit or unaccredited classes, training programs, work learning experiences, travel, hobbies or volunteer responsibilities. To receive credit, your prior learning experiences must be approved as college-level learning. To be approved, your experience(s) must:

  • be measurable and knowledge based.
  • be reasonably current and applicable outside the specific job context in which it was learned.
  • be equivalent or consistent with the learning of other students engaged in college studies as defined by the faculty.
  • be related to the student's degree goals and/or lifelong learning goals.
  • not repeat learning for which credit has already been awarded.

The portfolio process is the actual documentation of how your prior knowledge and skills were acquired, and how they match the learning objectives of specific courses at Viterbo. This process is available on the Credit for Prior Learning web page.  Students complete a tutorial, application and submit their portfolio.  The portfolio is submitted to the academic chair of their degree program. If the portfolio is approved as equivalent to a Viterbo course, the student is then awarded credit. Because the portfolio requires a significant amount of writing and preparation, the student should meet with an academic advisor to determine eligibility for prior learning credit.

You may earn credit through CLEP or Challenge Exams... 

Viterbo University accepts up to 30 credits through CLEP, Challenge Exams, or DANTES. If you have successfully tested and earned these credits already then please have a record of your test scores sent directly to Viterbo University. Once the scores have been received from the test center they can be applied to your record here.

You may earn academic credit for my military experience... 

If you have been or are a member of the military then you can apply your earned credit by having a copy of your official ACE transcript sent directly to Viterbo University. Viterbo will transfer up to 45 ACE credits.

All policies and processes related to credit can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. 



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