Do you already have a 2-year degree in Human Services or AODA Counseling? If so, you can complete your bachelor’s degree online, check out Addiction Studies Degree Completion Online.

Why should I choose the Addiction Studies (ADCT) major?

The conditions of alcohol and other drug abuse or dependence profoundly impact individuals, families, institutions, and society, leading to a need for professional substance abuse counselors. A major in addiction studies will prepare you for careers in psychology, human services, criminal justice, ministry, healthcare, educa­tion, and business.

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Addiction Studies will fulfill the classroom education requirements for entry into the field of alcohol and drug counseling. Students will arrange the additional require­ments of supervised practice with their employers. This program uses evidence-based training practices incor­porating digital video technology to provide students with immediate feedback on skill development. The Wisconsin Department of Licensing and Regulations endorses this program for the total required educa­tion time of 360 hours. 



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