Cost of Attending Viterbo University

The 2015-2016 tuition and fee charges for full-time undergraduate students attending Viterbo University are $25,050 per year. This figure can be significantly lower when financial aid is factored into your college expenses. Ninety-eight percent of full-time students receive some type of financial aid, which is awarded based on academic merit, financial need, and in the forms of scholarships, tuition grants, and subsidized loans.

General Information

What does Viterbo really cost me after financial aid?

We feature an online cost calculator (Freshman Net Price Calculator or Transfer Net Price Calculator) designed to help you estimate your financial aid options for Viterbo University. Use the cost calculator to get an estimate of your real cost to attend Viterbo. It's less than you might think. Complete the entire process to ensure the best possible results.

Average Financial Aid Package* (2013–14)

Consider the example below for the average cost to the Viterbo full-time freshman living on campus.

Total direct cost $31,370
Gift aid from federal, state, and/or university $14,735
Federal student loans $5,500
Work-study $2,500
Total student aid $22,735
Net Cost $8,635

*This average is provided for illustration purposes only. Actual net tuition cost will vary depending upon multiple individual circumstances such as high school grades, ACT/SAT scores, individual and family income, and scholarship eligibility.