JT Backes 

J.T. "That Redhead" Backes

Hometown:  White Fish Bay, WI

Major:  Music Theatre

Campus Involvement:  Voyager, Improv Club President

How's the food? Well, I live off campus, so my food is wonderful, but Einstein Bagels is AMAZING!

Favorite place on campus and why? 
The Main Theatre because of its beauty and amazing space.  It's an honor to be able to perform in such a gorgeous space!

Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse?
I'm a big fan of Qdoba.  It's new to La Crosse this year, but not new to me.  The BEST food EVER!!!

Why I chose VU:  
The small class sizes offer easy 1 on 1 with professors.  Also everyone wants to see you succeed;their kindness will brighten up your day.

Advice for prospective students conducting their college-search?
Take your time, visit, sit in on classes, and ask questions!  Ask too many questions! Which is impossible! 

Career aspirations?
Hopefully the next Ron Weasley...only kidding...but really. I hope to live in Chicago pursuing my passion of theatre.