Chelsea Lange

Chelsea Lange

Hometown:  Stewartville, MN

Major:  Biochemistry

Campus Involvement:  St. Francis Choir, DNA Club (Biochem), Campus Ministry, Voyager

Favorite meal in the caf? My favorite meal in the caf is one of Steve's amazing quesadillas!

Favorite place on campus and why? 
My favorite place on campus is Assisi Courtyard.  When the weather is nice, it's so much fun to sit out
in the grass in the sun!

Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse?
I love to go to Riverside Park and sit by the water, and of course get ice cream at the Pearl afterward!

Why I chose VU:  
I chose Viterbo not just for its academics, but also for the feeling of hospitality, and that I was welcomed.

Advice for prospective students conducting their college-search?
Pick a college that is a match for you.  You are the one that will be studying there for the next few years. 

Career aspirations?
I hope to one day become an occupational therapist.