Ben Groteboer 2 

Ben Groteboer

Hometown:  Rochester, MN

Major:  Nursing

Campus Involvement:  Viterbo School Nursing Association, Voyager

Favorite place on campus and why? 
My favorite place on campus is the Assisi Courtyard.  It's a great place to study,
hang out with friends or just relax.

Why I chose VU:  
I chose Viterbo because of the small class sizes, beautiful campus and wonderful location.

Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse?
My favorite thing to do in La Crosse is take a walk with friends in Riverside Park
or go up to Granddad's Bluff at night to see the city lights and then head to the Pearl.

Advice for prospective students conducting their college-search?
My advice for students is follow your gut.  You will know when you step on the right campus for you!
Take advantage of tours and ask questions.  You won't know unless you ask!

How's the food?
The food is great, so many options to choose from!