Chloe Richter 

Chloe Richter

Hometown:  Woodbury, MN


Career Aspiration: Be the next Food Network star!

Campus Involvement:  Honor's Program, Tri-Beta, Viterbo Voyagers

Why I chose VU:
I chose Viterbo because I felt very comfortable.  The staff was very friendly and welcoming.  I knew that it was a campus that I wanted to be a part of and people that I wanted to be surrounded with.

Favorite place on campus and why?
I love Assisi Courtyard because it is a great place to relax, but also to run around and have fun!

Advice for prospective students conducting their college search?
Pay attention to all that the school has to offer.  Make sure there are great organizations, activities, and academic classes that make you excited about going to school there.