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Claire Doughman

Hometown:  Loveland, CO

  Liberal Studies

Career Aspiration:  I'm not sure what my career plans are.  I am passionate about so many things, I'm still trying to hone in my skills more.  But I'm confident the great education I'm getting here will open so many doors for me and I will CHANGE THE WORLD!

Campus Involvement:  Student Government, Pro-Life Club, Campus Ministry, theatre productions, Food Service Committee, Environmental Sustainability Club, Relay for Life

Why I chose VU:
I felt at home and comfortable when I stepped on campus.

Favorite place on campus and why?
San Damiano Chapel because it's so peaceful and grounded in spirituality.  I love walking/biking to the riverside. 

Advice for prospective students conducting their college search?
A university may sound perfect on paper, but if it doesn't feel right when you actually get there, that may not be the school for you.  Ultimately, its about choosing the school that "fits" you!  DON'T hesitate at all to ask questions, stay open-minded, and get excited about the new chapter in your life!