Caryn Witt

Title: Front Desk and Tour Guide Manager
Phone: 608-796-3010

Caryn posing for her award (don't tell her the name is wrong)

Hometown: La Crosse, WI
High School: Central HS
College: Western Tech
Family: Husband Jeff, Kids: Allison, Jared and Jason, Dog: Zeke

Fun Facts
Favorite Weekend Activity: relaxing outside in the warm sun
Favorite Season: Summer (I love the sun)
Biggest Accomplishment: being married for almost 20 years and getting my kids up every morning
Interesting Facts about Caryn
I loved marching band, and one year I marched in the Orange Bowl parade!
I also like to run at 5:00 AM, but on a few conditions: the temperature must be between 48 -68 degrees F, and there must be no: rain, ice, sleet, wind, barking dogs, construction, stop lights in my way, and I can't run if someone runs past me - so yeah, I run about 2 days out of the year.