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2013–2014 Undergraduate Catalog

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Tuition and Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition and fees are set on a yearly basis. The university may set additional fees as needed. Students pay for their own books and course materials.

All expense items are subject to change.


Business Office Policies

  • The Viterbo University Bookstore—Semester-based students are allowed to charge books to their account the first week of each semester, excluding summer session. See Estimated Billing Student Information Letter on the link above.
  • Student Identification CardKey and Access Card Policy.
  • ParkingParking.
  • Payment Policy - see above link
  • Federal Truth-in-Lending Act—See Account Receivable Education Loan Promissory Note on the link above.
  • Refunds (semester-based programs)—see above link.  

Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Financial Aid Application Procedures

Applying for Aid