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Academic Success – Online Services

Early Alert

  • Program designed to identify students having academic difficulty
  • Available online in VitNet to all Viterbo employees (faculty, staff, and administration)  


Academic Standing

  • Good Academic Standing
  • Probation

Dean's List 

  • How do I get on the Dean's List?
  • Current Dean's List

  Tips for College Student Success


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 Academic Resource Center – Online Services


  • Online scheduling  of appointments with  writing and math specialists
  • Online tutoring from writing specialists: papers are submitted electronically and discussed with a writing specialist either by phone or electronically
  • Online tutorials in Math 130 and Math 111/112 and access to sites for additional explanations on math topics
  • Online math tutoring using Adobe Connect
  • Online preparation for the PRAXIS I

Academic Strategies 

  • Power points with audio posted on the following topics:
  • Time management
  • Test taking
  • Test anxiety
  • SQ3r

Resource Materials For College Level Writing

  • How to write a personal statement
  • Homophones
  • APA  information and sample pages
  • Differences between APA and MLA
  • Access to sites for grammar, punctuation and usage

Disability Services  

  • Online submission of form for services relative to a diagnosed disability
  • Access to VU Disability Services guidelines

Student Support Services (TRiO Program) 

  • Online submission for TRiO (SSS) program services

Tutor Training 

  • Access  to tutor training through the manual
  • As requests are made for content tutoring, tutors are scheduled for the student

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Business Office – Online Services

 General Information

  • Provides all billing services, including receipting payments to student accounts and issuing refund checks for excess financial aid overpayments.  Scholarship and loan checks are endorsed at this location.
  • Point of contact for students to confirm enrollment (required for all enrolled students) before the start of each semester.
  • Provides payroll services and is the location where students can submit paperwork related to work-study and sign up for direct deposit.
  • Reports tuition charges to students for tax purposes using the IRS form 1098-T.

 Education Loan Agreement (pdf)

  • All enrolled students are required to complete an Education Loan Agreement prior to beginning classes at Viterbo University.
  • The agreement serves as a payment contract between Viterbo University and the student, where Viterbo agrees to extend credit (tuition and fees) and the student agrees to pay for the tuition and fees within the terms and conditions set forth by Viterbo.
  • The agreement also acts as a mandated disclosure statement and among the information Viterbo identifies for students includes our billing, payment and refund policies.

 Enrollment Confirmation/Payment Requirements

  • All students are required to confirm enrollment every semester for which they are enrolled.  Viterbo University reserves the right to withdraw any student that has not confirmed enrollment.
  • Viterbo requires that any balance from a previous semester be paid in full prior to the first day of a new semester's classes or attendance will not be permitted.
  • All students are required to make a minimum payment of $500 each semester, exclusive of financial aid and any deposits. If it can be verified that a student’s financial aid package has been disbursed to the student account and covers all semester charges, the student will be confirmed without being required to pay the $500 deposit.
  • Finance charges will be assessed monthly at a nominal annual percentage rate of 15% (1.25% per month) on unpaid balances as of October 31 for fall semester charges, February 28 for spring semester charges and June 30 for summer semester charges (or the final business day of the month should one of the aforementioned dates fall on a weekend) and will continue until the balance is paid in full.
  • Full payment of the account balance is due on the final day of the semester in which the student is currently enrolled.


  • Student billing information is accessible on VitNet, Viterbo’s online information system.  Statements contain actual charges, payment information and financial aid awards (pending and disbursed), and a payment remittance.
  • Billing notices are emailed to students' Viterbo email accounts and designated parent email accounts approximately one month prior to the first day of each semester and every subsequent month thereafter until the balance has been paid in full.  Reminders are also emailed for monthly interest deadlines and final payment due dates.

 Tuition Refunds

  • A complete tuition refund schedule has been established for courses ranging from 1 to 16 weeks in length.  The fall and spring semester tuition refunds vary slightly from summer semester.  Students are required to familiarize themselves with the refund policy.
  • All fees and bookstore charges are non-refundable.
  • Any student that fails to follow the proper procedures when dropping a course or withdrawing from Viterbo University will be required to pay the full tuition, fees and interest charges due on the student account in addition to any future interest that may accrue on the unpaid balance.

 Financial Aid Overpayment Refund Checks

  • Viterbo University will produce refund checks for student accounts that have a credit balance after all charges have been paid.
  • Refund checks will be available in the Business Office on the second Friday of each semester and every subsequent Thursday throughout the remainder of the semester.

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Career Services – Online Services


  • Type Focus (online career development program)
    • Personality, interest, and values inventories
    • Labor Market information

Resume Development    

  • Optimal Resume
    • Step-by-step resume development; resumes can be electronically submitted to career services staff for feedback

Mock interviews   

  • Optimal Interview
    • Mock interviews (via webcam) can be personalized and submitted to career services staff for feedback

Job postings 

  • V Hawk Job Talk (professional job and internship openings)
    • Jobs and internships are local, regional, and national
    • Users can personalize to receive email notifications when jobs/internships meeting their search criteria are available

Web Page 

  • Resources and links on topics relating to career development such as job search (resumes, cover letters, interviewing), labor statistics, career assessments, graduate school, and internships

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Financial Aid – Online Services

 Applying for Financial Aid 

  • Priority deadline date
  • Instructions for applying (FAFSA)
  • Direct link to application website

Summer Financial Aid

  • Number of credits needed to qualify for Summer Aid
  • Link to Summer Aid Application (available Feb. 1 prior to summer term)
  • Important information regarding Summer Aid 

Scholarship Search Services

  • List of free online search services for scholarships 

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Outlines the standards you are required to meet as a recipient of Federal Financial Aid, including student loans, in order to continue to receive aid.

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Todd Wehr Memorial Library – Online Services

Online and distance students at Viterbo University receive the same library and research services offered to students taking classes on campus.


As you are completing your research projects, the library is here to help with a wide variety of information resources.  The following research services are available:

  • Access to most library databases and catalogs from a distance with a university login.
  • Online Subject Guides to help students navigate through disciplinary resources and tutorials.
  • Research assistance via live chat, email, and phone whenever the Reference Desk is staffed.  
    • Reference hours are 9 a.m.–9 p.m. M-Th, 9 a.m.–3 p.m. F, 5 p.m.–9 p.m. Sun. 
  • General library questions answered via phone whenever the library is open.

Students can get scheduled assistance meeting the research requirements of their classes. Instructors can schedule formal in-class librarian-led information sessions, or can have information literacy tutorials embedded into their Moodle course. One-on-one sessions to cover complex topics can be scheduled by students.

  • Phone and Adobe Connect webinar-based instruction available for students in formal classes and on-demand.
  • Library instruction modules can be incorporated into online courses by the request of the instructor.  Librarians monitor discussion boards and assignments as appropriate in these courses. 
  • Subject Guides are available online to help students navigate through disciplinary resources and tutorials

Collection Access and Interlibrary Loan  
All collections are available to students in online and distance programs, with a few exceptions due to vendor restrictions.  The library will do all it can to get students the resources needed to complete their projects.

  • Online students may request physical library items, which the library mails to the student.  The student is responsible for return postage.  Any materials that can be scanned will be sent immediately via electronic means.
  • Interlibrary Loan requests are filled for online students in the same fashion as traditional students.  Due to the short loan periods of physical materials, we offer the option of finding resources local to the student whenever possible.  We will send interlibrary loan materials to distance students as long as they honor the due date.

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Office of the Registrar (Registration) – Online Services

 Login toVitNet


General Information
The registrar Web page provides information on the following topics. The page is a reference for on-ground students as well as on-line students.

  • Requesting a transcript. (Plans for an early 2013 implementation of online transcript ordering.)
  • Academic calendar.
  • Class schedules, semester dates
  • Forms
  • Policies (FERPA, core curriculum, alternative credit such as CLEP)
  • Current graduate and undergraduate catalogs (policies, program requirements, course descriptions)


  • All semester-based VU students use VitNet, the online student information system, to register for the upcoming term. Students are assigned registration times based on class level. Students need to be approved to register by their advisers after discussing appropriate coursework. Help documents are available.

Degree Progress

  • All VU students use the degree audit on VitNet, the online student information system, to monitor their progress towards completion of a degree. The degree audit indicates how completed courses, in-progress courses, and registered courses apply to requirements. Help documents are available.


  • All VU students use VitNet, the online student information system, to view grades earned for the current term. Grades are posted to student records every Friday after mid-semester. The final posting of grades for the term occurs the Tuesday after the semester/summer ends. Help documents are available.

Student Record Information

  • All VU students use VitNet, the online student information system, to access student record information. In addition to the degree audit and grades noted above, students have access to a profile containing demographic information and an unofficial transcript. Help documents are available.

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