Text Box: Did you know?
Text Box: The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) were first published at the 2007 UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in the presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and more than 1000 business, civil society, and government leaders in Geneva, Switzerland.

Text Box: Ethical Leadership and Sustainability Camp for High School Students, July 19—23
To register, please contact Sara Cook at slcook@viterbo.edu or (608)796-3374.
Summer Student/Faculty Research Projects
Viterbo University awarded student/faculty research funds to 14 students. The research will be conducted over the summer. Among the 14 students awarded are three with faculty mentors from the Dahl School of Business:
Rochelle Brooks and student Courtney Grotz will research the importance of information technology in healthcare.
John Nebeck and student Dolores Durley will examine the impact of an American education on the opportunities in business for women in the Philippines. 
Anita Wood and student Bojan Dzikov will look at the impact of social networking on communication as well as on the use of technology and information in organizations.
Private College Week, July 13-18
During this week, private colleges and universities across Wisconsin participate in a week-long event to highlight the advantages of attending an independent college or university.  The DSOB will be hosting events on Friday, July 17.  Contact the Admission Office at 608-796-3010 for more information and to register for the events.  For information about all of Wisconsin's Independent Colleges and Universities, please visit http://www.waicu.org.
Student Transition and Registration (“STAR”) is taking place Friday, June 19; Saturday, June 20; Monday, June 29; and Tuesday, June 30.  Please visit http://www.viterbo.edu/star.aspx for more information.

april 2009

Volume 1, issue 3

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Summer activities

Graduation time always makes me think about the future – our students’ futures.  Who will they become?  What great things will they do?    Our students have received plenty of preparation over the last few years, but I wish to offer a few last words of wisdom before you walk out the door. 

As you become business leaders, be sure to develop a clear sense of your personal values.  Leaders who don’t know their own personal values can’t stand up for their beliefs.  They can’t stay true to their convictions because they aren’t sure what they are.  Leadership is not about trying out the latest technique or fad; it is about following your personal beliefs and staying true to your values. 

Message from the dean, tom knothe

Mission: the dahl school of business  values every student and prepares each one to make a difference as an ethical and effective leader in organizations and society.

As Jim Kouzes and Barry Pozner write in A Leader’s Legacy, leadership is about following what is already in your soul.  It’s about setting yourself free.  It’s about putting your ear to your heart and just listening.  So, students, be sure to listen to, and be guided by, your inner compass as you begin the journey to making a difference in our world.  I have confidence in each of you and look forward to hearing about your successes as ethical and effective leaders!