Youth Options

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Youth Options

Admission of High School Students to University Classes

Purpose of the Program:

To provide high school seniors and juniors the opportunity to begin university work while completing their high school program.

Classes Open to High School Students:

Courses are offered to high school students on a space available basis.  Ordinarily high school students will select freshman level courses.  Courses numbered 100 are freshman level courses.  However, through special consultation with the high school guidance counselor and a Viterbo University course instructor, a student may select another course.  For math and Spanish courses, students will be asked to take our placement exam.  In art, dance, music, and theatre courses, students may be asked to audition.

Admission to the Program:

  1. The student should complete the PDF iconViterbo University Youth Options Application.
  2. The student should have his/her official high school record forwarded to Viterbo University.  The record should include class rank and grade point average, and ACT for high school seniors.
  3. High school seniors must have a minimum 2.75 g.p.a and a composite score of 20 or above on the ACT exam.  Juniors must have a minimum 2.75 g.p.a and a strong recommendation from the high school guidance counselor.  Juniors are encouraged to write the ACT exam on the April or June test dates if they wish to participate in the senior year.  Acceptance to this program may be delayed until we receive the student’s ACT score.
  4. The student should request his/her guidance counselor to complete Part Four of the application.
  5. The application process must be completed prior to the registration deadline of August 15 for the fall semester and January 5 for the spring semester.
  6. Completion of appropriate preparatory high school course work for college courses is required.
  7. Youth Options students must  submit by, March 1 for fall semester and October 1 for spring semester, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Youth Options Program and Report form (PI-8700-a) to their school board. This form is found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Web site: This form must be presented to Viterbo University at the time of registration.


Part-time Students:

Viterbo University offers courses at a reduced price: $318.00/per semester hour of credit.  For students taking (1-11 credits) a student activity fee of $15.00/credit to a maximum of $45.00/per semester and technology fee of $25.00/credit to a maximum of $150.00/per semester. 

Full-time Students:

Students enrolled full time (12-15 credits) will be charged $95.00/semester for the activity fee and $250.00/semester for the technology fee.  Costs for books and course fees (for specialized courses) are additional.

Aquinas Students:

Aquinas high school students may participate in the Youth Options program at Viterbo at a reduced cost of $100.00 per credit. Student Activity and Technology fees, cost of books and course fees are additional. The student is responsible for tuition and all fees.  To receive the reduced tuition, Aquinas students must fill out the Youth Options application. Students will check the Non-Youth Options box on the back of the application. 

Homeschooled Students:

Homeschooled students may participate in the Youth Options program at Viterbo.  They are charged the Youth Options price of $318.00 per semester hour of credit.  The student is responsible for tuition, books and all fees. 

College Credit:

Viterbo University will issue college credit to students upon the successful completion of the course.


Please contact the Youth Options Coordinator, Myriah Borofka, at (608) 796-3016 for assistance with registering for classes.  High school students will be notified about registering for classes when registration dates are determined.  No more than the equivalent of 15 semester credit hours may be taken in any academic semester.


There will be a required orientation for Youth Option participants that will take place a week before classes begin.  Once an application is received, more information will be communicated to the student.


  1. The Admission Office will notify the Business Office of Youth Options students who plan to register so no payment will be required at the time of registration.
  2. Viterbo University will prepare an invoice for costs of tuition, fees, and books after the beginning of classes.  Payment is to be made by the school district as soon as possible.
  3. Students will report to the Bookstore the week prior to the beginning of classes or the first week of classes to select books.  Books will be charged to the students account.
  4. Non-Youth Options students must report to the Business Office, Murphy Center room 214, and make a full payment no later than the first day of classes.

Facts about Concurrent High School/Viterbo University Enrollment and Youth Options

  • The university will enforce course prerequisites and placement test requirements.  For placement in math and Spanish courses, the student must contact the Admission Office for placement test information.
  • All courses taken will be recorded as college credit and will become part of the student’s permanent record.
  • The student is responsible for tuition, fees, books and supplies if the school district does not pay them.
  • High school students are limited to no more than the equivalent of 15 semester credit hours at Viterbo University.
  • As required by law, the college will notify the school board of the courses Youth Options students are enrolled in within 30 days after the beginning of classes.
  • All institutional policies apply to Youth Options students and other high school students engaged in study at Viterbo University.

For Questions please contact Myriah Borofka at or 608-796-3016.