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WSA Executive Committee meeting minutes

February 25th, 2006

Edgewood College

Predolin 214



Present: Leda Nath from UW-Whitewater (incoming treasurer), Wayne Thompson from Carthage College (President Elect), Carol Miller from UW-LaCrosse (Editor), Tricia Davis from UW-River Falls (incoming Editor), Bob Greene from MATC (past president and Chair of Nominations and Elections), Anne Statham from UW-Parkside (Awards Committee), Marti Dettman from Edgewood College (Awards Committee), Omer Durfee from UW-Richland (incoming Secretary), and Greg Peter (President).


Greg began the meeting with introductions and thanked Bob and Carol for all of their hard work over the previous years for WSA.  Thanks also to Bob and Leda for the great snacks and thanks to Marti for setting up a wonderful site for our meeting!


[1] Editor’s report: Carol updated us on the status of Sociological Imagination and will send out a call for Teaching submissions for the next issue.  We discussed the appropriate language for the joint issues with the Illinois Sociological Association.


[2] Treasurer’s report: We decided to choose a large national bank to switch the account to instead of the small credit union in Onalaska.  Greg will transfer the funds from the credit union to M&I bank in Leda’s name.  Leda Nath will also become able to sign out funds from the UW-Stevens Point Endowment fund.  Greg raised the issue of travel funds to these executive meetings.  If members want reimbursement for mileage or hotel stays, they can submit this to the Treasurer.


[3] We discussed membership issues and talked about sending out a reminder letter to all Wisconsin sociologists.


[4] Wayne volunteered to take over the WSA website and will contact Marlene Fischer at Viterbo College about the transfer as she is the current webmaster.  We discussed how to improve membership access to the websites.


[5] We discussed some preliminary plans for the meeting next fall with the Sociologists of Minnesota (SOM).  Greg and others will meet with the current president of SOM at the Midwest Soc meetings at the end of the month.


[6] We transferred duties to the new officers and adjourned at 2pm.