Women's Studies Minor

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

According to a study at Duke University, a women's studies concentration is a valuable foundation for a wide variety of professional careers. It was found to be particularly helpful for students in nursing and medicine, especially those concentrating in obstetrics, gynecology, psychiatry, or pediatrics.

The study also found that a women's studies focus is an asset for students pursuing a career in law, business, market research, advertising, product design, or management.

A women's studies minor also provides future human service workers, government policy makers, and educators with a deeper and more insightful perspective. For students entering graduate school in the liberal arts and social sciences, a solid women's studies background provides an important basis for future academic achievement.

A minor in women's studies provides students with a solid educational foundation, an ability to apply knowledge from multiple disciplines, and the well developed reasoning and critical thinking skills invaluable in today's world.