Women's Studies Minor

Women's Studies Minor

"In breaking those silences, naming ourselves, uncovering the hidden, making ourselves present, we begin to define a reality which resonates to us, which affirms our being."

—Adrienne Rich

The Women's Studies minor at Viterbo University is an interdisciplinary program integrating new developments in history, literature, religious studies, the arts, the health sciences, and the social sciences. As an academic field, Women's Studies examines the often unacknowledged contributions of women scientists, artists, writers, and thinkers. It explores the social, cultural, biological, and psychological aspects of relations between men and women. Also, it offers new and challenging ideas about the nature of knowledge and how we think about the world. As an interdisciplinary program, Women's Studies teaches students how to integrate their knowledge by making connections among various fields of learning.

Contact Information

Marlene Fisher
Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Murphy Center room 510