WI Reading Teacher 316

License Information

Department of Public Instruction Requirements:

Prior to applying for the DPI Reading Teacher 1316 License, applicants must have successfully completed the following:

  • A minimum of two years non-substitute classroom teaching experience is required prior to applying for licensure. Students may apply to the Reading 1316 program and begin coursework prior to fulfilling this requirement.
  • Viterbo University course requirements and portfolio assessment. Students must earn a passing ePortfolio score within six months of the final course.
  • Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test  (FoRT). Although students must earn a passing score within six months of the final course, it is recommended that students take the test after the completion of EDUC 580 Children's and Adolescents Literature and EDUC 681 Emergent Literacy.
  • Upon completion of the program, applicants must complete the Application for Certificate form and apply for the Reading Teacher 1316 license online at the Department of Public Instruction ELO website. Educators who do not apply for their Reading Teacher 1316 license are not guaranteed eligibility at a future date. 

Graduate Tuition: $365 per credit (plus $10 per credit resource fee) for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Financial Aid Information: contact the Financial Aid Office. 

Apply to the Reading 1316 Program: click on the "Apply Now" tab on the left of this page. All students who intend to register for courses must complete the application process prior to registering for courses.

Register for Courses: Returning students will register via Viterbo's online course registration system, VitNet. New students will be registered for their first semester by Viterbo staff.  Contact Andrea Pelloquin with questions. Courses with less than a minimum of 10 students registered are at risk of cancellation.

For questions regarding the Reading Teacher 1316 program, contact Jeannette Armstrong or Andrea Pelloquin. 

Jeannette Armstrong
Program Specialist

Andrea Pelloquin
Off-campus Coordinator