WI Reading Specialist 17

Course Descriptions

EDUC 590 Supervision and Staff Development (3 credits): This course examines the effective strategies of supervision and staff development that relate to reading programs in schools. It is required for the 317 Reading License.  

EDUC 639 Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs (3credits): Understanding the roles of leadership in literacy instruction will be the core focus of this course.  This course will emphasize specific literacy leadership skills for the K-12 reading programs.  Participants will develop an understanding of leadership in professional development and program development, development of communication skills, and collaboration with stakeholders. Prerequisite EDUC 590

EDUC 597 Seminar in Reading Research (3 credits): Seminar will review and develop skills in research methodologies, techniques, data interpretation, and evaluation of reading research as well as its classroom applications. It is possible to have this course waived if Reading Research was successfully completed within the last seven years as a component of the Master's Degree in Education requirements.

EDUC 596 Practicum in Reading Leadership (3 credits): Reading Specialist practicum students will intern in a K-12 reading program, working with a certified reading specialist.  Students will gain experience in a broad range of activities required of a literacy leader/reading specialist, to include staff development, supervision, and communication.  Elementary and secondary reading experiences will be included in the practicum.  A completed fieldwork portfolio must be submitted and scored before recommendation of licensure. Prerequisites: EDUC 590, 639, and completion of the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test. 

Current Graduate Tuition: $380 tuition per credit plus $10 per credit resource fee for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

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For questions regarding the Reading Specialist program, please contact Jeannette Armstrong. 

Jeannette Armstrong
Program Specialist