WI Principal 51


All Educational Leadership courses are developed around six essential questions. These essential questions are aligned with the knowledge, disposition, and performance of the Wisconsin Content Guidelines (WCG).

The Wisconsin Content Guidelines are integrated into the courses, along with Viterbo's Conceptual Framework and the Franciscan Values.

Each course requires the student to develop a course portfolio, which increases in depth and detail as additional courses are completed.

The last course in the Principal Licensure program is the Final Practicum course, EDUL 767.  During the final year and a half of the program, and through this course, the students' complete activities that demonstrate their understanding of the specific Content Guidelines for the Wisconsin Administrator Standards 2-7. An ePortfolio containing artifacts along with a brief reflection is provided as the capstone activity for this license. It is our belief that students learn more by actually doing authentic activities that are aligned with the Content Guidelines.

NOTE:  Please find links to the Final Practicum Document labeled APPENDIX E in the Practicum Handbook.

FilePrincipal Practicum Handbook 2017-19.docx

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