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Literacy Coaching Certificate

Viterbo University's School of Education prepares educators who are grounded in Franciscan values and possess the knowledge and skills to be reflective decision makers for the 21st century.

The Viterbo University Literacy Coach Certificate is a 9 credit program.  A literacy coach is a reading teacher who is trained to provide explicit professional development to teachers in a variety of situations. Coaching is educator-centered in that a coach uses demonstration, observation, and engaged conversations related to specific teacher beliefs and classroom practices. Theoretically, within the constructivist view of teaching, the coach facilitates conversations with the educator within his/her zone of proximal development. The ultimate goal is to foster teacher growth and independent reflection that supports optimum learning for all students.

In addition to offering courses at various locations across the state, Viterbo University can bring classes to teachers where they live and work, with flexible scheduling that meets the demands of their active lives.

  • Courses are offered in a convenient Friday evening and Saturday format during the school year and in week-long sessions during the summer.
  • Locations include La Crosse, Milwaukee, Middleton, and Green Bay.

Criteria for Admission:

  • A state issued teaching license
  • Wisconsin 316 Reading Teacher License or equivalent from another state
  • An earned Master's degree in education or concurrent enrollment in the Viterbo University Master of Arts in Education program
  • Two years of successful regular (non-substitute) classroom teaching experience

Current Graduate Tuition: $325 per credit for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Apply to the Literacy Coaching program: click on the "Apply Now" tab on the left of this page. 

Register for Courses:  Call 1-888-484-0111

For questions regarding the Literacy Coaching program, please contact Jeannette Armstrong or Chris Valenti. 

Jeannette Armstrong
Program Specialist

Chris Valenti
Off Campus Coordinator