Viterbo Website to Adopt Drupal Platform

Viterbo will migrate its website from Ektron to Drupal in a move that is expected to provide significant benefits to the university as well as its on campus users and off campus visitors.

Communications and marketing, IIT, and an external technical consulting partner, Acquia, often considered the “gold standard” in Drupal cloud hosting, will manage the transition, which will occur during this academic year.

Drupal is the largest open source content management system in higher education. The platform is known for its stability and flexibility and because it will be hosted on the cloud, the Viterbo site will seldom if ever go down during outages or other unforeseen circumstances. It will be able to adapt to spikes in usage caused by emergencies when huge traffic volume would otherwise take down a locally hosted website.

Viterbo’s transition from the Ektron platform is prompted by the growth and evolution of the Viterbo website which has moved beyond the capabilities and support Ektron is able to provide.

Meanwhile, departments and offices will be able to function normally and edit within the Ektron system while the transition occurs systematically throughout the year. Any questions, feel free to contact communications and marketing.