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Nicki Skinner

Nicki (Robinson) Skinner ’04

Nicki SkinnerDegree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Career: Senior Manager, Operations and Transportation, United States Olympic Committee

Nicki’s Story

Nicki (Robinson) Skinner learned time-management skills very early as a Viterbo student. As an extremely busy three-sport athlete and business student, it was critical for success.

“It was important for me to be able to juggle practices, games, travel, team meetings, and community service in addition to my course work,” Skinner said. “Learning to successfully balance all those things and make each a priority is something that carries over into my current career. Knowing how to prioritize and meet deadlines, all while being a team player with my co-workers is something I learned directly from being a student-athlete.”

“I had a great experience at Viterbo,” Skinner said. “The professors in the Dahl School of Business were extremely knowledgeable on the course content and were able to bring real-life experiences into the classroom. The material taught in my business classes helped to prepare me for the real world.”

Skinner went on to earn a master’s degree in sports administration. She parlayed her education and her love of sports into a dream career as a senior manager of operations and transportation with the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs.

“Working at the Olympic Training Center is amazing,” Skinner said. “I interact with Olympic athletes and coaches on a daily basis, which quickly reminds me why I’m here and why I love my job.”

Skinner said she definitely would recommend Viterbo University to prospective students.

“At Viterbo, I experienced professors, coaches, and staff members who truly cared about me, not only as a student or an athlete, but as a person.” she said. “Viterbo not only allowed me to play sports and gain a degree, it allowed me grow to as an individual and taught me life lessons that will stay with me forever.”