Viterbo Announces Parent Portal

Viterbo is excited to announce a new tool, a parent portal, which allows students to grant access to academic or financial information to parents, guardians, or other designees. Students grant access via VitNet and the parents/guardians receive their own login to VitNet and access to student information.

Students will find a “Manage Parent Access” link on the lower right hand side of their VitNet menu. Information supplied at the time of application was used to populae the parental data in the portal. Students also will be able to add a parent/guardian as well. Students have the option to grant access at any time, as well as remove access at any time, to one or both parents/guardians.

This new tool will negate any paper forms previously used to grant access to educational records, per FERPA. If students want parents/guardians to have access to your educational records, it must be granted via VitNet.

Faculty and advisers will find the release information on the Student Profile of VitNet. An indication of what access is granted and to whom will display.

Viterbo University’s FERPA privacy policy is located on the following Web page.

Any questions can be directed to Amy Gleason, registrar’s office.