Brophy Center room 123

Money Smart Week: Keys to Credit and Debt Domination

What are the five C’s of Credit? How do I get started with credit? What do lenders look for? Who’s looking at my credit? How do I get out of debt? All are crucial questions to assess your financial wellness and future success. This free and interactive session by Tony Beyer of Altra Federal Credit Union explores the basics of credit and how to improve your credit standing. We’ll also discuss strategies to pay off debt and how to avoid it altogether. Sponsored by Student Government Association.

minds@work: Art and Inner Exile in Cuba Presented by Jesús Jambrina

While the cultural production of Cuban exiles around the world in the last 58 years is well studied, the work of a few Cuban artists, who decided to stay on the island despite being censored, is less known. This presentation explores the art paintings of Juan G.G. (Yonny) (Havana, 1933-2010) in the context of the Cuban Revolution, as part of what some critics named the “Inner Exile”, meaning those, mainly intellectuals, who did not leave the country, but continued working at home without any institutional support.

minds@work: Pilgrimage Among Beasts: Narnia, and the Beasts Who Teach Presented by Vickie Holtz Wodzak

What is the relationship between Narnia and our world? This basic question is considered repeatedly in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles, most often with respect to the passage of time. Lewis establishes another type of link when he replicates the visual structure of 13th century beast-illuminated manuscripts and uses animals and non-humans to instruct the pilgrim humans who enter this world and the pilgrim readers who join them. Free and open to the public. 


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