Brophy Center room 122

Minds@Work: Vickie Holtz-Wodzak presenting Rhetoric vs. Witness: Tolkien's Response to the Language of Conflict

In The Silmarillion, Feanor is “a master of words, and his tongue had great power over hearts when he would use it.” His words bring the Noldor to grief and inspire his sons to destructive oath-taking. Saruman is similarly a master of language, and “those who listened unwarily to that voice…all that it said seemed wise and reasonable, and desire awoke in them by swift agreement to seem wise themselves.” Even Gandalf comes close to abusing the power of language when he enables Bilbo to relinquish the Ring to Frodo.

Minds@Work: Beth Marzoni

English Presents: Minds@Work, “Suite for the Retrospective [poems after Doris Salcedol]” featuring Dr. Beth Marzoni

Minds@Work is monthly event featuring a faculty member talking about the process of developing a specific scholarship project, both to share their work and to model for students how they might develop their own research or creative projects. The emphasis is on aiming the informal conversation at students and engaging them in discussion about various aspects of the subject.


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